#5 Quick overview of Amazon Q service

#5 Quick overview of Amazon Q service

AWS Cloud computing series #5

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Introduction about this service

Last year(Nov'23) AWS released this super useful service called Amazon Q a new generative artificial intelligence- (AI)-powered assistant designed for work that can be tailored to your business. This can be used to have conversations, solve problems, generate content, gain insights, and take action by connecting to your company’s information repositories, code, data, and enterprise systems.

Currently this service is in Preview

This all happens through its web-based interface, so your employees can work smarter, move faster, and drive more impact.

This can be the solution for few of the below problem areas:

  • Scattered knowledge: Businesses struggle to access and utilize valuable information and expertise siloed across various systems, documents, and employee knowledge bases.

  • Time-consuming search: Employees waste significant time searching for information, hindering productivity and slowing decision-making.

  • Inefficient tools: Traditional search methods and chatbots often fall short, providing generic responses or requiring exact keywords, leading to frustration and delayed outcomes.

Key benefits of using this service

  • Built to be secure and private

  • Understands your company information, code and system

  • Engages in conversations to solve problems, generate content and take action

  • Personalizes interactions based on your role and permissions

Data source used with this service

Amazon Q

Areas of Expertise to use this services

  • Amazon Q is your expert assistant for building on AWS to supercharge work for developers and IT pros. We have trained Amazon Q on 17 years' worth of AWS expertise, so it can transform the way that you build, deploy, and operate applications and workloads on AWS.

  • Amazon Q is the expert in your business, allowing you to have conversations, solve problems, generate content, and take actions using the data and expertise found in your company's information repositories, and enterprise systems.

  • Amazon Q is in Amazon QuickSight, allowing you to quickly generate visuals and dashboards, calculations, and data-driven stories to drive alignment and simplify decision-making.

  • Amazon Q is in Amazon Connect, helping your customer service agents provide better customer service by automatically detecting customer intent during calls and chats. Amazon Q in Connect provides agents with immediate, real-time generative responses and suggested actions, along with links to relevant documents and articles.

  • And soon, Amazon Q will also be in AWS Supply Chain. Amazon Q in Supply Chain will help supply-and-demand planners, inventory managers, and trading partners have conversations to get deeper insights into stock-out or overstock risks and recommended actions to solve the problem.

Pricing details

It comes with convenient pricing plans so that you can get Amazon Q to the right employees in your company.

The Amazon Q Business plan gives you Amazon Q expertise in your business and in Amazon QuickSight, so you can help all your employees get comprehensive answers to business questions, accelerate tasks, and derive insights from data for only $20 per user, per month. For $5 more—at $25 per user, per month—the Amazon Q Builder plan provides everything in the Business plan and gives all your technical developers and IT employees Amazon Q expertise for building on AWS.

For QuickSight, we offer additional plans that allow business analysts to build dashboards using natural language. Amazon Q in Connect and Amazon Q in Supply Chain are offered through dedicated plans for your contact center and supply chain employees.


  • Amazon Q supports access control for your data so that users receive the right responses based on their permissions. You can integrate Amazon Q with your external SAML 2.0–supported identity provider (such as Okta, Azure AD, and Ping Identity) to manage user authentication and authorization.

  • Amazon Q offers administrator controls to enable or disable the following capabilities: (1) Restrict responses to enterprise content only or use its own knowledge to respond to queries when there is no relevant content in the enterprise repository. (2) Define blocked topics. (3) Set the context for optimal responses.

To start using this service, you may add this extension in your VS Code as shown below.

AWS Official documentation page : https://aws.amazon.com/q/
Interesting blog about this service: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/introducing-amazon-q-a-new-generative-ai-powered-assistant-preview/

Hope this article gained some knowledge about this service and stay tuned for more knowledge articles.

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