Secure & Cost-Effective Tips for New AWS Accounts #11

Secure & Cost-Effective Tips for New AWS Accounts #11

Hello Cloud Learners,

In this article we are going to grasp some important things when you created your first AWS account.

Let's start and check all the important points.

Good thing, I have crafted this post in a manner with step by steps of my account and check the below link.

You've taken the first step into the vastness of AWS. But before you get swept away, let's equip you with essential tools to navigate securely and cost-effectively.

  • IAM for Billing: Grant granular access to billing information via IAM Users or Roles with the billing:GetBillingReport and billing:GetCostAndUsageData permissions.

  • Separate Admin Account: Consider creating a dedicated Admin account with administrative privileges for managing users, groups, and permissions. Remember, separate duties for enhanced security!

  • Alias Change: Unfortunately, changing the main AWS account name isn't possible. But you can use an alias for display purposes.

  • User/Group Creation: Create Users and Groups for specific teams or projects, assigning only relevant IAM Roles with least privilege in mind. ✨

  • MFA for All: Enable MFA for all IAM Users without exception. It's the ultimate security shield! ️

By following these tips and venturing into the AWS documentation, you'll be well on your way to becoming a cloud champion! Remember, the cloud journey is continuous learning, so keep exploring, asking questions, and sharing your experiences.

Hope this post given basic understanding of what needs to be done after creating your first AWS account and connect with me on LinkedIn for more knowledge sharing updates.

Happy Upskilling !!!