#7 AWS Resilient Infrastructure Baseline Architecture

#7 AWS Resilient Infrastructure Baseline Architecture

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Here is an another AWS article and this time about Architecture. You may check out this for more architecture references.

Let' start step-by-step approach to designing a resilient infrastructure baseline architecture for enterprises migrating to AWS. The key takeaway is to prioritize best practices upfront to avoid rework and ensure your infrastructure can accommodate future needs.

Before we start, let's focus on High level architecture.

Here are the key steps involved:

  1. Minimum Requirements:

    • Deploy across multiple Availability Zones for redundancy.

    • Consider disaster recovery and compliance needs early on.

    • Isolate production and development environments.

    • Design a scalable network with future growth in mind.

  2. Collaboration: Collaborate with the operations team to align your architecture with their standards.

  3. Step-by-Step Baseline Architecture Design:

    • Choose the primary region for your applications.

    • Design a VPC with at least two Availability Zones.

    • Define network details, including CIDR blocks for subnets.

    • Create public and private subnets based on your application's needs.

    • Implement an AWS Transit Gateway for secure communication between VPCs and an egress VPC for outbound internet traffic.

    • Utilize route tables at the Transit Gateway level to control traffic flow and enforce security policies.

  4. Multi-Region Considerations (Optional):

    • If required, repeat the process in a separate region and establish a peer relationship between Transit Gateways for cross-region communication.
  5. Governance with AWS Accounts:

    • Use separate AWS accounts for different environments to enable independent control and minimize conflicts.

By following these steps, you can establish a solid foundation for your enterprise applications on AWS, ensuring scalability and resilience for the long term.

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